Portraits By Jennifer Morris

Professional Pet Portraiture Artist

Jennifer Morris is a full-time traditional artist with an international client base, primarily offering beautiful, highly realistic portraits of your pets with a meticulous attention to detail and a friendly and reliable service. She will work with each client closely to produce their ideal portrait, with regular progress updates and is always pleased to discuss your ideas with you. Top quality pastels, pencils, papers and tools are used to create her portraits, and she and her wide client base particularly enjoy the wonderful richness, detail and softness that can be achieved on both velour paper and Pastelmat.

Jennifer specialises in producing pastel paintings of dogs, cats and horses but has also completed excellent portraits of people as well as cats, small animals and wildlife.

Jennifer has taken part in various art fairs, demos, teaching and pet shows across the South East of England.

Jennifer is known for her attention to detail and her talent for capturing the emotion of her subjects – most notably her excellent ability to replicate eyes in a life-like manner. Pastel is a difficult medium to master but it is unbeatable in its ability to compliment the life, emotion and textures of animals, thus it is a favourite of Jennifer's. She often combines pastels with top of the range colour pencils to maximise her ability to reproduce fine details accurately.

You are welcome to browse Jennifer's website and contact her with any questions or requests you may have, and she can talk you through the process and help build ideas with you. She is open to all ideas and, where possible, will happily produce work beyond the dimensions and options specified in this website if requested.

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