Portraits By Jennifer Morris

Professional Pet Portraiture Artist

The Artist

Jennifer is a self-taught portrait artist based in East Sussex, on the South Coast of the UK. She has a BSc in Psychology and Neuroscience, however her life-long love of art has taken over and she has for years now been a full-time pet portraiture artist, working primarily with a mix of pastels and colour pencil. Her usual subjects are dogs, cats and horses, however she has also been commissioned to draw other pets, more exotic animals, people and the occasional building: she is always open to a challenge!

Jennifer has grown up around animals and has previously worked with both animals and people in emotional capacities. Thus in her art she is particularly keen to observe and reproduce the emotion and life presented by both animals and humans and is often complimented on the expression and liveliness in the eyes of her subjects.

She does enjoy producing her own original works for sale and sometimes runs stalls at pet shows and art and craft fairs, or provides demonstrations and teaching to local art groups, however generally her commission-based work takes up the majority of her time: work which she finds incredibly rewarding.  Her client-base is international.