Portraits By Jennifer Morris

Professional Pet Portraiture Artist

Price Guide and Terms and Conditions - please read through. 

Portraits are painted using pastel and some coloured pencil on velour paper (Hahnemuhle) or sanded paper (Pastelmat). The artist will use what she feels is appropriate. 

Note: Prices listed are based on a bust (head and shoulders) portrait of one subject with a simple coloured background chosen to complement the subject. Multiple subjects, full body portraits, specific backgrounds etc can be arranged for a bespoke price. 


ACEOs (mini portraits! 2.5 x 3.5 inches): £30
ACEO eye studies (painting of your pet's eye, close up): £35

Smallest sizes (good for small spaces, absolutely fine for detail in most cases, suitable for one pet per portrait):
4 x 6 inches = £75
5 x 7 inches = £100
6 x 8 inches = £125

Standard sizes ( Very popular, very good for detail)
8 x 10 inches = £180
10 x 12 inches = £225
11 x 14 inches = £300

Larger sizes (excellent for group portraits)
12 x 16 inches = £375
14 x 18 inches = £450
16 x 20 inches = £550
18 x 24 inches = £700

Black and white portraits available on request (in pastel, still). 

Terms and Conditions:

Prices are a guideline, based on a standard single bust (head and neck/shoulders) portrait with a simple coloured background chosen to complement the subject. Specific backgrounds, group portraits and full body portraits are available and the price will be calculated according to the specific request before any payment or artwork commences.

Prices include postage within the UK. All portraits are shipped with insurance. International shipping is available and the cost will be calculated based on the chosen portrait size.

50% deposit (non refundable) may be made to make a booking, however the remaining 50% must then be paid once the portrait is finished and the client has seen a photograph of the finished product. The portrait will not be started until the deposit is paid. The portrait will not be posted to the client until fully paid for.
Portraits are a subjective representation down to the artist’s interpretation. Any requested alterations will be non-refundable payments made at £15 per hour, time and therefore cost estimated in advance of the alteration being made in order for the client to pay for the alteration before it takes place, and the artist will always endeavour to satisfy the client to the best of her abilities.

If the client is unhappy with the final product at the stage of receiving a digital photo as proof of the artwork, and the artist does not believe anything more can be done, the order will be terminated and the artist will retain the artwork, rights to that artwork, and the deposit and any alteration fees paid. Any non-deposit (50% of the cost of the artwork itself) and non-alteration monies paid may be refunded. By approving the proof photo, either by a statement of approval or agreeing to then have the portrait sent to the client, the client waives the right to any refund on the portrait. This means that any time after approving the proof, the client is no longer entitled to claim any money back or have alterations made. Refunds are only possible at this point when the client has received the portrait and it has been damaged in transit, for more on this please see the paragraph below.

Whilst the artist endeavours to package and protect the artwork in the best possible way, she accepts no personal responsibility for any damage incurred during transit to the client. All portraits are sent insured so the artist should be informed of any damage so she can contact the delivery company involved for compensation, enabling either the client to be refunded or for the portrait to either be fixed if possible or re-painted depending on the specific situation.

The quality of the portrait depends on the quality of the reference photographs: large, high-detail photographs of the subject close-up and taken at eye-level are best. It is helpful to be able to see nose texture, individual hairs, whiskers, eye colour and any reflections in the eye clearly, for example. If such photos are unobtainable, the artist will usually be able to produce a portrait from existing photographs but the quality of the photographs may mean a smaller portrait size must be chosen, and the quality of the finished product will be compromised to a degree by the quality of the reference photographs.

Whilst the original painting itself belongs to the client, the artist retains copyright, therefore the client is not permitted to produce copies of the painting e.g. prints, cards, etc without written approval from the artist herself. The client is welcome to share images of the portrait in all stages of production on their own social media accounts but must state on such posts who the artist is.

The artist’s retention of copyright means the artist has the right to display images of the portrait publicly, including for advertising and sales purposes, and also to produce reproductions of the portrait’s image, including for advertising and sales purposes.
The client however, has a right to, and MUST inform the artist if for any reason they do not wish for the artist to share the portrait (in any stage of the creation process from beginning to completion) publicly or produce reproductions of the portrait’s image.